​Amazing household decoration ideas

If you are tired of having plain boring walls in your house and you are looking for a way to upgrade the overall look of your house, we found the solution for you! In this video, we decided to play around and experiment with some painting ideas and hacks that will give a brand new aesthetic to your home. In addition, we show you some tips and tricks for your paint brushes as well as some fun painting to create for your walls.

If you would like to give your wall a textured fill without having to add any clay paste on them, we show you an easy way to do it. Paint your walls the color of your choice let it dry. After that wrap a t-shirt around your paint roller and chose and dip it into a different color paint and start rolling. This will give your room some color and texture and it will help you match your room decor.

For those of you who love abstract art but you can’t afford to buy an expensive painting, we show you a cool way to create one using some acrylic paint. Simply add 3 or 4 different colors on a canvas ( make sure you distribute them all over the painting just as we demonstrate in the video) and then get a window wiper and drag the paint from one side of the painting to the other.

If you’d like to try a different art style for your painting, we show you how you can easily create an impressionist painting using a mop. Simply add the colors you’d like to combine in your painting and then dip a clean mop into the paint and start tapping on the painting. After that, just get a regular paint brush and you can draw little waterlilies to make it resemble a Monet painting.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing painting hacks that you will absolutely love! This painting techniques will help you improve your art skills if you are a beginner painter and you’d like to experiment with wall decorations as well!

0:07 – Brick painting technique
1:04 – Textured wall art decoration
1:57 – Abstract expressionism painting technique
2:22 – Cool impressionist painting
3:31 – Acrylic painting hack with a blow dryer
5:01 – Cool abstract painting with cling film
6:10 – Gradient animal print wall decoration
7:48 – Rope texture wall art
8:49 – Bubble wrap texture
9:17 – Paint dripping art technique
9:59 – Geometric art wall decoration
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