Mind-blowing cooking secrets

Cooking is one of the best experiences in the kitchen, especially because you get to experiment with different ingredients and come up with all kinds of flavorings for your food. However, sometimes cooking can turn into a nightmare when you don’t know the basic secrets that come along with years of experience. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some top secret hacks that only the best chefs know and can relate too. These tips will improve your cooking skills and also save you a ton of money in the process.

Have you ever left the butter in your fridge on a really low temperature and now it’s unspreadable? Well, we found the best hack for you. Simply warm up a glass, and place it on top of the butter. The steam will soften the butter and you’ll be able to enjoy your butter toast like a champ.

Chopping boards are magical, we all have 3 or 4 in our kitchen for different purposes, we have some for veggies, meat, fish etc, but with multiple chopping boards, we are more likely to notice nuisances that come with them. For example, having the slipping off the surface, so we found the perfect hack for you to fix that. Simply wet a paper towel and place it underneath the chopping board. This will create friction and it will prevent it from sliding off the surface.

Did you know you can create your own frozen yogurt with the same taste as you favorite fruity yogurt? If you have people over and you have no treats, we found the best hack for you on a hot summers day. Simply get some individual fruity yogurts and then pierce the top film with some steerers. Then place them in the freezer for a few hours and voila.

We also show you how to make your own vegetable broth that you can customize to suit your palette and your dishes. Simply cut some thyme, parsley and the herbs of your choice and place them inside an ice cube tray. After that, add some olive oil on top and place the trays in the freezer. Every time you cook to take on out and add it as a garnish on while cooking to give your dish a brilliant aroma and taste.

Watch our whole video to find out more cooking secrets that will help you improve your recipes. We also show you how to keep your vegetables fresh so that they will not spoiler within days but within weeks.

0:07 – Burger hacks
0:23 – How to soften hard butter
0:37 – How to keep your chopping board steady
0:49 – DIY spaghetti measurements
0:56 – How to make frozen yogurt
1:07 – Cool lemonade ice cubes
1:27 – DIY broth
1:46 – Frozen grape cocktail
2:00 – How to vacuum seal a food bag
2:33 – Cereal hack
2:55 – Ice lolly trick
3:20 – How to cut an avocado
3:51 – Make your kitchen sink sparkle
4:02 – How to heat towels
4:11 – Spaghetti container
4:21 – Lemon tea hack
4:57 – How to thinly slice a tomato
5:07 – Dental floss hack
5:20 – How to peel ginger
5:46 – How to keep vegetables fresh
6:18 – Cucumber hack
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