​​Awesome DIY beauty Tricks and tutorials for this winter

With the weather changing day by day, so should your beauty regimen. In this video, we compiled a list of new amazing beauty tricks that you probably haven’t heard before but you should definitely give them a try! Not only do we have beauty hacks in this video but we have awesome winter accessories tutorials such as different ways to wear a scarf. How to make bows for your scarf and couple mittens for all you lovey doveys out there.

1. How to treat your irritated skin using Aloe Vera:
Get large aloe vera leaf and peel the sides of it and the front using a sharp knife. After that, take a fork or a spoon and peel the whole Aloe vera from the rest of its skin. Cut it all in small pieces and place it in a bowl. Then add some honey and coconut oil in that bowl and mix all the ingredients together really well. Finally get a cotton-pad dip it in the mixture and start tapping it on your skin. Rinse with water and then moisturize.

2. How to remove static from your hair:
Take a wooden hairbrush and a dryer sheet. Then, pierce your brush it by running the dryer sheet through the bristles of your comb. Finally, start brushing your hair as you would normally do with the dryer sheet attached to your comb.

3. How to get rid of greasy hair without a dry shampoo:
Are you running late and your hair is way too greasy to make an appearance outside? Then try this little trick. Take some talcum powder or otherwise known as baby powder and sprinkle over the roots of your hair. Then comb it through to make the white powder disappear and there you have it!

4. How to make your own li-scrub:
There is no need to go purchase a super tasty lip scrub when you can make your own without any effort of cost. Take some honey and apply it straight on to your dry lips. Then take granulated sugar (which is coarse, and ideal for scrubbing) and place it over the honey and scrub your lips as you would normally do.

5. The Brow Fixative:
If you’ve run out of your brow gel, then do not panic and use this trick instead. Take your eyebrow brush and spray some hairspray to it. Then start combing your brows with your brow-brush and there you have it. They will stay in place until you remove your makeup.

6. How to make your own moisturizing bars/body butter that will make you smell delicious:
– The Chocolate bar:
In a pan add a bowl of coconut oil, a bowl of beeswax and a bowl of cocoa butter. Bring to boil and then fill your mold tray with it. Let it sit there until it becomes solid and remove.
– Honey and Orange Bar:
In a pan add a bowl filled with coconut oil, then add a bowl filled with beeswax, a bowl of natural honey and finally some drops of Orange fragrance oil. Bring to boil and then transfer it your silicone mold trays.
– Rose and Shea Butter:
For this one, you will again need a bowl of coconut oil, a bowl of beeswax, a bowl of shea butter, some rose fragrance oil and a few real rose petals. Mix them all together in your heating pan and then transfer into your mold tray. Once they dry remove and enjoy 🙂

0:13 – DIY Aloe Vera Beauty Mask
0:52 – How to do a smokey eye – Beginners tutorial
1:16 – How to remove static from your hair
1:34 – DIY dry shampoo
2:02 – DIY Lip Scrub
2:24 – Awesome hairspray hacks
3:40 – Amazing tricks to wear a scarf on your head
5:12 – How to make a moisturizing bar
6:33 – A Cool scarf with bows tutorial
7:10 – DIY couple mittens tutorial.


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