How to relax at home using these satisfying lifehacks

After a long day of work, it’s always nice to come home and rest, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Yet when we see some clips while scrolling through social media, we relax just by watching people carving kinetic sand or transparent soaps. So, to help you, I made this video with the most relaxing and effective hacks you’ll ever need to get rid of stress.
Thick aloe Vera leaves seem so firm and untouchable, but they are super satisfying to carve. You can use dental floss to slice a thick leaf horizontally, or a peeler. And then using a spoon you can take the gel out.
To completely activate your Zen-mode, you can use a rolling pin on top of the aloe Vera leaves and squeeze all the juice out.
Here are some things that are so difficult to achieve, but just by watching them, you instantly feel relaxed.
To be able to apply a paperclip on a few pieces of paper without even touching them. Or, to have your flip-flops sliding through your feet without any effort. Or even the straw of your takeout drink going through the lid without any effort.
But most importantly, being able to peel-off a label from a jar without any glue getting left behind. What about watching someone solving the Rubik’s cube. That one is as amazing and satisfying as ever.

0:07 – Satisfying clips with aloe Vera leaves
0:53 – Oddly satisfying things fitting into places
1:46 – Peeling off labels
3:16 – Bursting bubble wrap bubbles
4:12 – Small things that bring us joy
6:01 – Satisfying clips to help you relax
7:13 – Carving kinetic sand
8:39 – How knife vs plastic
9:21 – Watercolor rainbow dots


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