Satisfying things that will help you relax in an instant

Hey guys. since school just started, we all already feel stressed with the amounts of work we have to do. So, in this video, I am sharing with you some cool things that will help you relax and activate your zen mode.
– When you crave something really sweet like a Nutella, and you open up a brand new Nutella tab so you dip your hand in and you start eating.
– Or the times, that you unbox something that is wrapped with bubble wrap so you end up breaking all the bubbles to make yourself calm down.- Or, when you buy toilet paper and you pierce the plastic film of each roll in the middle because it is unbelievably relaxing.
– But of course I also show you some things that definitely give you some extra pleasure after a difficult day, For example, when it’s too hot and you sit in front of a fan. Or, when everything is disorganized on your computer and you give you a pc a good clean. What about the time that you’ve finished with all your tasks for the ready and you are ready to tick them off your daily journal.
– Also, show yousome oddly satisfying clips. For example, someone walking on thin ice. Or carving soap with a sharp knife and slow motion of water explosion with glitter.

0:07 – Instant pleasures for a good mood
0:53 – How to relax instantly
3:02 – The most satisfying things in the world
4:07 – Glitter explosion – slow motion
5:13 – Fire experiment
5:40 – Hot knife vs plastic
6:21 – Amazing watercolor technique
6:48 – Carving a bath bomb
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