​​​Amazing phone hacks

Our phone is our most prized possession, not only because it might be expensive but also because it has all our personal information, most valuable photos, and favorite applications. So taking care of it is extremely important. In this video compilation, we share with you some amazing hacks that help you keep your phone safe while also dressing it up in the most fashionable way. We show you amazing ways to make your own unique phone cases from scratch for any occasion.

If you are prone to little accidents, and by that we mean you regularly drop your phone by accident we show you an amazing way to prevent it. Take your favorite lip-balm that comes in a flat container (instead of a lipstick container) and add some glue at the bottom of it, then stick the lip-balm on your phone case and hold it. This will create more stability since you will be able to run your fingers through it without it slipping from your hands.

You can also create your own color changing phone case using this simple trick. Take a clear phone case and using white acrylic paint cover the surface of it. Then pick your favorite nail polish color and color the whole case. After the nail polish is completely dry, apply some color changing nail polish and let it dry. To make your phone case extra shiny, apply a top coat on top and voila. Since the color changing nail polish gets activated with heat everytime you touch your phone the color of it will change.

Another DIY phone case idea we have has to do with feathers. If you love a bohemian style case, then this one is for you. Take a handful of feathers of your choice and stick them on your a clear phone case. After that, in a small container, and while also using a syringe add one part resin and two parts hardener. Stir the mixture together and let sit for 30 minutes. After that, pour the mixture all over your phone case and let it dry. Follow our tutorial and there you have it. You can also try using glitter or stickers. The choice is yours.

If you are looking for a way to make your phone stand you can achieve it using one of these tricks. Take a coke bottle and a rubber band, Place one side of the rubber band at the front of your phone and take it all the way around the coke bottle and then again at the front of your phone. You can also, use your glasses/sunglasses as a stand just like we demonstrate in our video.

One awesome trick we have has to do with phone photography which is getting more and more famous on social media recently. We know how hard it is to achieve a macro photo. You can take a close-up photo using your phone by adding a drop of water on your camera lens. Try this and you won’t regret it.
0:25 – Color changing phone case
0:56 – Doodle pattern using hot glue
1:54 – DIY resin trick
2:44 – Cool phone hacks
3:10 – How to clean your phone screen
3:46 – Battery Trick
4:29 – DIY phone case with men’s tie
5:17 – 3D screen
6:16 – Lace case
7:28 – Flashlight trick
7:51 – How to take a close-up photo using your phone
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