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Art was part of our life since we were little but the older we grew the more we distanced ourselves from our creativity, and that is completely natural. However, it is always fun and refreshing to go back and try to do something artistic just like we used to do in order to eliminate stress and learn how to be creative. So, in this video, we have some amazing artistic tips, which you will love, especially if you are a beginner and you would like to start out with something simple.

To start with, we have an amazing way for you to paint a simple tree with a beautifully colorful background. Firstly, you divide your paper into 4 parts and using oil or chalk pastels you draw 4 different gradients on each part using the color combinations of your choice. Then, to blend all the colors together using a paper towel. After that, Take a black pen, or watercolor pencil and start drawing the tree outline with a thick tree trunk at the bottom just like we show you in the video tutorial, and thinner tree brunches expanding all over the painting, moving from each gradient to the other. Then. using a q-tip, dip it into some white paint and start dotting all around the tree (those will be your flower blossoms). Finally, carefully remove the masking tape and there you have it, a beautiful tree painting for anyone who would like to get into art.

Another amazing painting tutorial we have is how to paint a sunset. You will love this one especially because you will again be using chalk pastels, masking tape, and a black marker. This one is a perfect idea to use as a sketchbook decoration or use it in one of your bullet journal pages. First, add some masking tape on your paper to create a frame for your painting and then add some masking tape in the middle of the paper and using a cutter cut it in a perfect circle (that part will represent the sun). After that, take your chalk pastels and start drawing around the masking tape circle using different colors again to create a gradient. Then, take some paper towels and mix the pastels together until you achieve an evenly blended gradient effect. Finally, remove the masking tape from the middle, and using a black marker draw a tree branch with smaller brunches expanding from the sides of it.

Another amazing tutorial we have for you is how to draw a simple cityscape. For this one, instead of rubbing your pastels against the paper, you will be sharpening them using a paper cutter as we demonstrate in this video. This method will help you create more opaque colors for your painting. You can start with blue, then add some light blue color, then white, yellow, orange, and pink. If you would like to create some clouds for your painting, sharpen some white color and add it on top of the existing colors and try to smudge it using your fingers. Then take a black marker and create the outline of the buildings you would like to have in your painting and paint them all black. Finally, dip your fork in some white paint and paint the lights in the windows of the city skyscrapers. This will give your painting more depth and dimension.

Did you know that you can create an amazing impressionistic painting by using just a mop? In this video, we show you a step by step painting tutorial on how to do that highly inspired by Monet’s waterlilies. We also have more contemporary ideas on how to create abstract patterns using a blow dryer or the pouring method where you mix all the colors together. We also show you how to use a painting spatula and a very inspiring method to paint flowers using cling film and a rolling pin. Try all these art techniques to have fun and learn how different paints work with different techniques.
0:06 – Awesome 4 part tree painting
0:32 – How to paint the sunset
1:19 – Cityscape tutorial
1:56 – Landscape painting tutorial
2:28 – Lighthouse painting
3:15 – Fun UFO painting
4:11 – Abstract painting decoration
4:37 – How to – impressionism
5:12 – Pouring paint on canvas technique
5:46 – Acrylic paint and blow dryer
6:29 – How to use a palette knife
7:16 – Cling film painting technique
7:59 – Abstract waves painting
8:32 – Shaving cream painting tutorial
9:16 – DIY colorful rain cloud
9:43 – How to make your own paint
10:20 – How to make slime
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