Genius cooking hacks every girl should learn

Not all of us woke up on the day and knew exactly how to cook, or which ingredients go together. So, in this video I am sharing with you some delicious cooking tips and tricks that will improve your cooking and give you ideas for new recipes- I  show you how to make your own giant Crisp using mashed potatoes and wheat flour. You mix all the ingredients together. Then, you press them into a circle, put in the oven for a while and then season with salt and pepper.
– You can use a yellow container that you get from the kinder surprise chocolate and fill it up with melted white chocolate, place them in the fridge and you are all set.
– Nuggets are almost every person comfort food. So, in this video, I’m showing you how to make huge chicken nuggets using mince.
– If you are attending a party and you know that the party boy/girl loves burgers. I show you how to make your own giant burger as a birthday cake, from scratch. I show you how to bake the dough, then how to form the burger putty and even how to make your own giant square cheese.

0:07 – How to make a giant crisp
1:13 – Giant chicken nuggets
1:49 – How to make a giant burger
2:59 – How to make huge french fries
4:59 – Delicious chicken and crisp recipe
5:16 – Amazing chocolate milkshake
6:03 – DIY chocolate bars
6:40 – Simple homemade cake
8:12 – Watermelon Jam 
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