13 Things That Cross My Mind While I’m Shopping at Michaels

There is a significant chance that I may never leave this place…

1. Like, was there ever supposed to be an apostrophe on this sign?

I wonder… Because some companies with names that end in ‘s’ have or had at one time apostrophes in their name. Sometimes they go through a re-branding somewhere along the way and lose the apostrophe.


2. Will Tabs attempt to fight this Halloween black cat if I put it in the front yard? (Probably.) Perhaps the pumpkin would seem less confrontational? Cats are weird, man…

3. Wait — is this place a secret safe haven for cat ladies, just like HomeGoods? OHEMGEE, I THINK IT IS!

4. Must touch all the yarns…

5. Um…didn’t I already walk down this aisle? I swear, I just saw these pens a minute ago.

6. Why do I want all of these shabby chic signs for my kitchen? — because my kitchen doesn’t look anything like a pumpkin patch or a farmers’ market. Also, I don’t own any antiques, so why do I want an oversized sign that says “ANTIQUES” on it?

7. Speaking of signs, someone at corporate is clearly as obsessed with #PSLs as I am, apparently.

8. I mean, really? Why are the cutest baskets always on the top shelf?

9. Note to self: Cover every surface at home with glittery fall garland!

10. Ooh, this is cute AND 50% off. SCORE!

11. I think I need these scarecrows and all of these white pumpkins…

12. Um…do I work here now?

I wish.

13. Oh, gawd, I’m never going to leave this place!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. In related news, this happened at the HomeGoods by my house last week.


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