Amazing Valentine’s day ideas

February is the month of love, passion and dates and the reason for that is the infamous Saint Valentine. Most in-love couples are looking forward to this day because they are looking forward to the time they’d be spending with their loved one. It is that period where we are all getting stressed about what we should give our other half that day. Maybe we are thinking about cooking a delicious dinner and giving them the best valentines day gift alongside some roses and a heartwarming card. So, in this video, we wanted to give you some inspiration for your upcoming valentines day as well as some date ideas in general for that special occasion that called love.

Most of the time, you don’t have to make a grand gesture just to show your love, besides love is in the details and you show it with the littlest things. So, in the video demonstrations, we show you how to make beautiful cappuccino/latte art stencils where you can remind someone how much you love them. These hacks as perfect if your loved has just finished work and you decide the make them a cup of coffee, you can sprinkle some chocolate powder on top of your stencil and surprise your loved one.

If you’d like to go the extra mile and your other half is a coffee lover, then we show you some brilliant love recipes that you can do with coffee. We show you how to make delicious coffee flavored heart-shaped gummy bears just by using a cup of filtered coffee, some gelatin, and milk. If you don’t want to make anything themed and you’d love to just make another delicious recipe without any heart shapes and all the romantic stuff. We show you a brilliant way to make coffee flavored iced lollies. You’ll simply need to mix some espresso coffee with some cream and for flavor add vanilla or caramel syrup. Then place the mixture in an ice container, let it freeze and voila.

We all know what they say, “a man’s heart goes through his stomach”, so if you are planning a delicious dinner for your loved one, then we show you the best hack to go the extra mile with the table decoration. Instead of putting your champagne bottle in some ice, we show you how to create beautiful floral ice-cubes for your champagne to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

All of us girls love flowers so we also share with you some brilliant floral decoration you can do just by picking some flowers from your garden. You can make beautiful bouquets for your table to have on your dinner date. In addition, we show you how to set out your candles and get you in a romantic mood.

Watch our whole video t see all of our step-by-step tutorials for the perfect date and enjoy your time.

0:07 – Brilliant coffee hacks
0:11 – Marry me latte art stencil
0:40 – Amazing energy drink recipe
0:56 – Love gummy bears
1:39 – How to make an iced latte
1:56 – How to make delicious coffee ice-cream
2:53 – Champagne hack
3:23 – How to make a beautiful bouquet
4:39 – Cool floral decoration for candles
5:19 – DIY candle decorations
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