10-Minute Makeup Must-Haves: Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush

clinique blushing blush powder blush cupid
Love this blush for fast, fresh makeup! The lipstick is MAC Velvet Teddy, and the eyeshadow is Clinique Lots o’ Latte, by the way.

The 10-Minute Makeup Must-Haves series shows off some of *the best* makeup for speedy (but sensational!) skin, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Five minute, 10 minute… Heck — three-minute makeup! You can do it *all* with Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush ($24 each). These totally goof-proof powder blushes are fantastic for those out-the-door days, which I’ve come to love and appreciate lately.

You may have noticed that I’ve been wearing shade Sunset Glow a lot lately (like, all last week!). It’s a beautiful golden coral with a satin finish, and the magic behind this (and all of the blushes in this family) is that it’s semi-transparent, meaning that you can take your blush brush, dip it into the pan, do a swish or two on your cheek, a quick blend at the edges, and be totally and completely done. You won’t be stuck erasing a hard line of demarcation at the edges of your cheeks. Instead, you’ll find a soft, subtle gradient, and it almost just happens naturally if you load a brush with this blush and gently tap-tap-tap it a few times on your cheek. It’s like powder blush for dummies!

clinique blushing blush powder blush sunset glow cupid swatches
Built these up so you could see what they look like when they’re layered heavily. I’m an NC42 in MAC, but I think both of these blushes will look lovely on most skin tones.

And HELLO, flexibility. If I’m ever in the mood for more color on my cheeks, all I have to do is pop another layer or two on, because these blushes also build up beautifully.

Fresh, natural colour builds to desired intensity with sculpting brush. Lasting wear, oil-free. Silky formula sweeps effortlessly over cheekbones to create a natural look. Fresh, jet-milled colour builds and blends beautifully to desired intensity with custom sculpting brush. Lasting wear, colour-true. Oil-free.


I’ve been wearing Sunset Glow for warm-toned eyes and cheeks, and soft pink Cupid with cooler tones. Both blushes lay down just the perfect amount of color, so my face looks fresh and radiant, and my makeup looks polished but not overly done.

On top of all that, this blush lasts! When I put it on with the rest of my face in the morning, I’m fine until the end of the day.

I also love — and this is a small thing, but one of those things that’s handy when you’re rifling through your makeup bag at the crack of dawn — how the bottom of the packaging shows the blush color, so you can easily pick out what you want to wear at a glance.

clinique cupid blush before and after
The difference is subtle, but it’s there!

And if you’re all about bright lip colors — reds, hot pinks, crazy corals — then these blushes are made for you! They create just enough color on your cheeks to complement a bold lip without overwhelming the rest of your makeup. I bet MAC Relentlessly Red, Fashion Legacy, Crosswires or Vegas Volt would look amaze-balls with Sunset Glow, and Girl About Town, Candy Yum Yum or Pink Pigeon would look gorgeous with Cupid.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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